Agricultural Facilitators For Surrounding Communities

S Haddad & Our Contribution To Our Community

In an effort to become BEE compliant we have set out goals to be fully compliant, as per the points system, in the near future. However, as a company, we have always helped emerging and local communities by doing soil preparation work and by giving them guidance and training in agricultural mechanization. We were also actively involved in the largest and most successful black empowered maize planting schemes in South Africa.

Helping with soil preparation for farming community in George, Western Cape

Donating of  Tractors to upcoming Farming Community

Further, we have given emerging farmers equipment at cost prices as an extra benefit to help them find their feet.

Over the years the company has donated and maintained 8 tractors to organizations who serve the community, such as the National Sea Rescue Institute and the George Botanical Garden and Golf Clubs.

We constantly strive for service excellence and developing the skills of our employees to offer the best service in our industry and build a strong partnership with our clients.